What is QDN?

Nature is dynamic and fundamentally quantum. Electrons orbit nuclei, chemical bonds form and break, molecules vibrate and scatter while energy flows and complex structures and patterns emerge.

In physics, these fundamental processes result in the formation of quasiparticles and cooperative effects such as superconductivity. One of the major goals is to drive and steer the out-of-equilibrium quantum dynamics such that novel structures emerge and metastable states with new functionalities appear.

In chemistry, quantum effects do not only show up in electronic orbitals, but also in spectroscopic transitions, tunneling, and coherent energy transfer. Our goal is to simulate and understand reaction mechanisms in proton and electron transfer or photochemistry, for example, and thereby help to create new chemistry.

The quantum dynamics network (QDN) is an association of theoretical chemists, physicists, and mathematicians. Its mission extends across the boundaries of classical disciplines and ranges from quantum molecular dynamics to ultracold quantum gases. QDN provides a platform to exchange and nurture new scientific ideas across these fields while fostering novel methodologies and numerical approaches.

QDN organises conferences on a regular basis.

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QDN is an open network. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to join the network.

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